Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

It's hot in London. Very hot, almost as hot as being on holiday.

So, if that's my conclusion why am I not reducing my insulin like I would do on holiday?

This morning on waking my blood glucose was 8.1mmol I took my normal breakfast dose and ate the same cereal and amount I always do. When I tested about 2 hours later I was only 7.6 (lower than usual at that time of the day for me), my morning snacks then consisted of 10 grapes, a small smoothie and a cereal bar - so near enough 50g of carbohydrates. Lunch time blood glucose, 8.2 mmol. 

Perfect, this sun has some bonuses. Plus it means I get to eat nice things like Fab lollies because I 'need' them!

Picture Credit: (http://www.flickr.com/photos/worldofoddy/339925295)

Monday, 29 June 2009

Getting to know you...

I would like to pretend that this photo of me was taken by someone else when I was actually deeply engrossed in reading the manual for my new pump, unaware I was being photographed. Sadly it wasn't, I put the camera on self timer and pretended I was reading the manual for the purpose of this blog...

So there we go. 

When I picked up my pump from my nurse last week I eagerly read the manual on the bus home and continued reading the manual whilst sitting on the sofa when I got home, in fact I had to prise myself away from it. Then things got busy and me and the manual haven't spent as much time together as we should have done. Pump has been neglected too, although from next week it will be a different story.

So far I've learnt how to set the time and date (that was without even referring to the instructions!), which batteries to use and not use, how to navigate through the menus, I even learnt that you shouldn't put your pump in the dishwasher nor should you use a microwave oven to dry it. 

4 chapters in, 14 chapters left, 6 days to go, who knows what other fascinating facts I haven't learnt yet. That's it, me and the manual have some catching up to do...

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Welcome to my blog

I've decided it's about time I got into this blogging... 
So, I am going to give those who are interested an insight into living with diabetes and I'm sure some other aspects of my life so don't be put off if diabetes isn't your thing!

I've had Type 1 diabetes for 11 years and one of my main reasons for starting this blog is that on Monday 6th July I am switching from multiple daily injections to a insulin pump and I hope to provide an insight here to what happens and how I get on!

And yes that is ice cream, two of them in fact...don't worry I only ate one.